Why should you participate?

We send adopters to you!

  • Promotion in statewide marketing campaign, including:
  • TV & Cable ads
  • Radio ads
  • Digital/IP-targeted marketing
  • Ads in your local newspaper
  • Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Signs and banners
  • Media kit with sample posts for you to use on your own social media channels
  • Details about your organization and your event posted at PickMeSC.org
  • Giveaways from BOBS from Skechers
  • Petco tote bags
  • Petco Love Lost T-Shirts (limited supply!)

What we ask you to do:

  • Send adoptable pets into homes!
  • Try something new! Here are some ideas:
    • Try waiving adoption fees
    • Consider scheduling adoption appointments
    • Try opening on a weekend and/or an extended weekday.
    • Bring your pets to a Petco store
    • What other ideas do you have???

Requirements to participate:

  • Stay safe – Ensure all staff, volunteers, and visitors follow DHEC guidelines including social distancing, mask-wearing, and others (https://scdhec.gov/covid19).
  • Get em fixed – Adopted dogs and cats must be fixed, vaccinated and microchipped, or have an appointment scheduled with a follow-up plan in place. (Need help with surgeries? Let us know!)
  • Keep us in the loop – Report adoption numbers to No Kill South Carolina at the end of every day
  • Use your tools – Ensure your available animals are posted on Petco Love Lost (https://lost.petcolove.org)
  • Get the word out – Actively promote a public call to action with clear, consistent, and simple messaging about the event.
  • Stay on-brand – Use “Pick Me! SC” in all event-related marketing.
  • Keep it legal – Provide your own insurance.
  • Play nice – Refrain from denigrating or speaking ill of one another and encourage other organizations in our sphere of influence to do the same.

Click here to sign up or email aappleton@charlestonanimalsociety.org