No Kill Strategy

No Kill South Carolina aims to create an infrastructure for humane animal welfare organizations in order to optimize quality of care and maximize lifesaving of healthy, treatable canines and felines in South Carolina. We are creating a “State of Kind.”

Is it crucial that shelters and rescues in each community collaborate and build a united front to create real and sustainable improvement in lifesaving and humane care.

Lifesaving Strategies

  • 1. Finding homes for sheltered canines and felines
    through an aggressive and nonjudgmental adoption program

  • 2. Preventing Births of unwanted canines and felines
    through a high-volume, high-quality spay & neuter program

  • 3. Reducing the number of free-roaming felines
    through Trap-Vaccinate-Alter and Return-to-Habitat

  • 4. Fostering canines and felines
    until they are placed in permanent homes

  • 5. Reuniting loved ones
    through an in-depth lost and found program

  • 6. Saving the lives of healthy and treatable felines and canines
    through individually customized treatment regimens

  • 7. Optimizing collective opportunities for the live release of canines & felines
    through transfers / placements with other humane / lifesaving organizations

  • 8. Providing for humane care in shelters
    through adherence to the Association of Shelter Veterinarians’ Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters and the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare

Humane Strategies

  • 1. Fighting animal cruelty wherever it exists
    through assisting law enforcement and advocating for stronger laws

  • 2. Helping families keep their pets for life
    through a nonjudgmental pet-focused food bank and a network of support for underserved communities

  • 3. Guiding children to grow into humanitarians
    through a comprehensive humane education initiative

  • 4. Shaping public opinion about animal welfare
    through advocacy and adult education efforts

No Kill South Carolina Will Help Organizations Implement these Life-Saving Strategies.

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